In this clip from – Tisa Mylar, a manager at the Whisky A GoGo, talks about the Whisky club. She shares that the bands that come and play are what makes the Whisky famous. Van Halen, The Doors, and Aerosmith are just some of the bands that have played there. However, Mylar also points out that the Whisky doesn’t get as many big nationals as they would like. On the other hand, she mentions that some big national acts come back out of the blue, such as Tenacious D. The Whisky is also open more than any other venue on Sunset Strip. Mylar also emphasizes the amount of industry people that come to the Whisky. According to Mylar, close to every night, someone from the music industry drops in. The Whisky is thus a great opportunity for up and coming bands. Also in this segment, she talks about her family and their connection with the Whisky. Her father, Mario, was the manager and owner. He also owns The Rainbow.