In this section, we introduce the basic concepts and practices of marketing in the music industry.  We will take a close look at social media marketing, email marketing, and the difference between music marketing and traditional marketing.  Marketing is crucial for artists, businesses, labels, venues, festivals, etc…   The growth of the Internet and technology are changing the way that marketing happens in the music industry.  Digital methods are now the most efficient and effective ways that artists can reach and interact with their fans.  With the rise of paid and targeted promotions on social media independent artists that aren’t supported by record labels with large budgets can affordably promote their music and shows and reach thousands of people that will like their music.  In this video, we take a look at the 8 aspects that make up a marketing plan and tips on how to create one.

Credit: Symphonic Distribution


Social media marketing:

Social Media has quickly become the most affordable and efficient way for artists and businesses to market themselves.  Along with the access to audiences across the world and the ability to pick and choose audiences to market to, the analytical tools and resources that allow you to measure success make social media marketing a must-have in any campaign. This info graphic outlines 30 tactics to employ to run successful social media marketing campaigns.

Credit: Feldman Creative

Email marketing:

This info graphic shows the 10 do’s and do not’s of email marketing.  Email marketing is still one of the most important aspects to growing and engaging a fan base.  When running an artist business in the music industry it is absolutely essential to create, maintain, and grow your email list to keep in consistent contact with your fans and customers.

Credit: Campaign Monitor

Traditional Marketing vs Music Marketing:

In the video below Jerry Goolsby talks about the contrasts between traditional marketing and marketing in the music business.  The video talks about five main aspects of marketing and how to tailor your marketing plan for the music industry.

Here is an additional video that is helpful to understanding marketing in the music industry. Tom Derr focuses on direct communication between artists and fans using digital and internet strategies.