In this section, we will introduce you to the basic concepts of live performance and touring. Performances include club dates, college gigs, in-stores, live radio, festivals, shows in all sizes of halls and theaters, or special events, like a corporate party or fund-raiser.  Performances can be one song on a TV show, thirty minutes at a special event, several sets in a club, or complex shows at large venues. In this video, you’ll hear from several artists (Mia Borders and the Givers) and an artist manager (Billy O’Connell) about the elements of touring and live performance including why tour, tour crews, how gigs are booked and paid, lighting and sound, connecting with fans and merchandise, and  marketing and promotion.

This infographic will give you some idea of the crew needed for a large tour.  For emerging artists and artists on every level, live performance is complicated and takes a village.  Until the band or artist can afford to pay a team, they will have to do all of the work to make it run efficiently and effectively.  All groups have similar issues and various ways of dealing with them.  The audio track below the graphic will list the positions and their responsibilities.