The term of art in the music business for a publisher of sound recordings is record company or label.  For songs and compositions, the term of art is music publisher.  These publishing entities share similar functions and derive revenue in similar ways associated with producing and sharing these two types of intellectual property .  These functions include Marketing, Distribution, Finance, Legal and Business Affairs, Creative Services, A&R (talent acquisition and development), Production and Manufacturing.  Product Development in the music industries is built around spotting talent, encouraging and nourishing it, branding it, and bringing it to the attention of a wider audience.  The company’s challenge is to develop innovative ways to use and exploit its IP assets.  

The video below is a basic overview of the general responsibilities of these various areas of a music company.

The infographic below will provide a visual representation of the divisions and functions of a typical music company.  The audio file contains a more detailed explanation of each function.

In the video below, Billy O’Connell discusses music marketing from both the company’s and artist’s perspective.

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