In this clip from – Jeffrey Brabec, Vice President of Business Affairs for the Chrysalis Music Group, talks about video game licensing. It is an area that is extremely beneficial to music. Brabec explains that while video games do not generate royalties, they do produce a flat fee. However, this normally involves a song buyout. He points out that if the artist does not agree to a buyout, their song won’t be put in the video game. Brabec claims that he’s seen buyouts from zero to 30,000 dollars. Also in this segment, Brabec discusses the duration of video game licenses. Video games licenses are generally for seven to ten years. Brabec talks about why this might be a mistake in the long run. The video game might stay around or be turned into a movie. The importance of negotiating the best deal possible is covered as well. Brabec also talks about what makes a good publisher. A publisher is responsible for looking after the rights of the writers. Therefore, they must know where to draw the line to protect a song.