Employee Training

Dear HR Director, 

We would like to be your supplier of multimedia content aimed at leveling the playing field for all employees in terms of what they know about music business works, including the related legal, management, production, and marketing issues. 

Our hypothesis is that an “informed employee” will be a retained and motivated employee. We have been preparing the music industry workforce for over 20 years.  What we are proposing is series of quarterly online, multimedia modules for all of your employees that are aimed at this same result. 

Problem No. 1: Onboarding

Let’s suppose that you are an HR director responsible for onboarding of new employees as well as addressing the development and training of existing employees.  You post a job, with its multiple qualifications, responsibilities, and duties.  

You receive good response but most of the applicants are from tech, software, marketing, or Internet companies, and they know little about the music business, its legal foundations, its divisions, its ecology, its heroes, or its history.  

“We need to bring them up to speed!” suggests the boss.

Problem No. 2: Retention

You’ve just hired a perfect candidate for the job and your new team member is settling into the position – meeting colleagues, learning systems and policies, being trained and handling their first set of tasks.  Life is good right?

If you’re the average American employer with the average new hire – well, maybe not.  The research has spoken and it’s not good:

  • There’s over a 20% chance that your new employee will leave the position within the first year          and you’ll be conducting the same search next year
  • Searches are expensive – 16 to 20% of the annual salary                  


So what do we do?  We could send out weekly summaries of the music news articles that few have time to read.  Or we could suggest blogs or even books.  Or we could provide them with a series of modules.

That are:                  

  • 15-minutes long       
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Video-centric 
  • Topic-based
  • Timely and accurate

Reflect best practices for:

  • Online learning
  • Media production
  • Pedagogy & Assessments

That cover:

  • The basics of copyright law
  • Industry sectors
  • Company functions
  • How to create awareness
  • Trends and data

Provide useful data regarding:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent development
  • Talent management 
  • Promotion
  • Succession


  • Employee Motivation and Retention!
  • Outstanding Workplace!
  • Inspired Employees who will go to bat for you!

Where We Fit In To Your Reality

Below is a graphic depicting a view of the HR landscape for most large companies.  Our Solution addresses many of the HR disciplines listed as they apply to Talent Acquisition, Development, and Management.

Sample Modules

Below you will find examples of five modules concerning different topics.  The videos range from 1 minute to 11 minutes in length and include related content at the end of each module.  The user may consume the information via the info-graphic, the video, or the MP3 narration of the info-graphic, or all three.  The total video content is approximately 25 minutes. 


LET US BE YOUR PROVIDER FOR ONLINE LEARNING CONTENT!  We can provide content for use in your learning management system, or provide it in our own LMS.  We can produce quarterly modules and webcasts that provide employees with a routine method of improving their knowledge and skills in various areas.  Most of all we can provide you with user and assessment data. You can pick the topics, the frequency, the approach, and your artists could participate in the videos, allowing them to establish a personal connection with those who work on their behalf.